Friday, September 19, 2014

22-24 weeks

How far along: 22 - 24 weeks
Maternity Clothes:  I've been wearing maternity pants but I've been able to continue wearing pre-pregnancy shirts, dresses and maxi skirts.  I do have a few maternity tops that I will probably start wearing soon.
Stretch Marks:  I'm luckily able to continue saying 'none yet'...time will tell!
Sleep:  I'm still sleeping well and my body doesn't waste any time falling asleep, thank goodness!  I'm so happy that even in my middle-of-the-night-wake-ups that I'm able to quickly fall back asleep.
Symptoms:  I've noticed my lower back starting to flare up a bit, but it's nothing too bad.  My work chair is definitely becoming more uncomfortable to sit in all day, so trying to find a new sitting position or stretch that helps relieve some of the pain at the end of the day has been crucial.
Best Moment of the Week:
- 22:  Our friends Becka & Kevin came to visit over the weekend from Pennsylvania!  The last time we saw them was for their wedding in Pittsburgh almost two years ago, so it was so much fun catching up and spending time with them.  We showed them around Columbia, ate some delicious food (both out & at home) and attended the Cardinal's game on Monday.  It warms my heart to have such wonderful friends that will travel so far to visit you :)
- 23:  This week was the beginning of my yoga prenatal course!  I really think I will greatly benefit from this and cannot wait to see what the remaining classes bring!  The rest of the week was fairly relaxing although we did have our new elliptical delivered this week!  We decided to cancel our gym membership earlier in the summer to save some money and my Mom & Larry graciously purchased an elliptical for Russ & I for our birthdays + Christmas.  We're both so excited to have equipment at home that can help us continue to get in a great cardio workout!
- 24:  We had another doctor's appointment this week which went well - it's always amazing to hear baby's heartbeat!  This week was also Russ' (golden!) birthday and he celebrated by going to a Cardinal's game on Friday with his Dad & brothers.  I drove to St. Louis on Saturday to join in the festivities and we returned home on Sunday in time for Russ to go to work for the afternoon.
Movement:  There is definite baby movement going on!  Lots of little hard/intense moves that move the outside of my stomach.  It's a little creepy to watch my stomach moving so violently from the outside, but I know it's a good sign.  Russ was a little weirded out with how intense some of the movements were; I told him try to imagine if you were both seeing and feeling it! ;)
Cravings:  Carbs, carbs and more carbs.  Pleaseandthankyou.
Gender:  We won't know until he/she arrives!
Belly Button In or Out:  In.
Wedding Ring On or Off:  On.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  It's continued to be consistent with fish and eggs being a little weird for me.  Hard boiled eggs I'm fine with, but anything else I would much rather pass on.
What I Miss:  Regular coffee.  Not decaf!
What I am Looking Forward To:  We have friends coming to visit from Pennsylvania, another doctor's appointment and the arrival of Fall coming up - I can't wait!
Labor Signs:  None - thank goodness!
Nursery:  It's still in a state of disaster.
Emotions:  Overall great, but I have days where I'm grumpy or just more emotional overall.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

19-21 weeks

How far along:  19 - 21 weeks
Maternity Clothes:  I've been wearing a pair of maternity cropped pants and jeans that I've purchased and the rest of the time my normal shirts, skirts and dresses.  
Stretch Marks:  None yet!
Sleep:  I'm still doing well with sleep - thank goodness!  With the growing belly it definitely makes it hard for me when all I want to do is sleep on my stomach but I'm coping and rockin' the left side sleep position.  
Symptoms:  Just a growing belly!  Sometimes I experience some sharp pains around the side of my stomach/oblique area but after a few deep breaths it typically goes away.  I call these moments "growing pains".  
Best Moment of the Week:
- 19:  This week was probably one of the hardest I've experienced so far throughout this pregnancy.  I don't want to be a debby-downer on a post that is filled with otherwise positive things, but we received some pretty terrible news during this week that has since shifted my view on this pregnancy.  Russ' father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and to say it rocked our world would be an understatement.  I immediately struggled with working to rediscover the happiness I was feeling about this pregnancy prior to the news.  
- 20:  We had our 20-week ultrasound this week and it was wonderful to see our baby in an ultrasound again.  Seeing how much growth has occurred since our last ultrasound was absolutely amazing!  All the measurements and tests that were done were normal which continued to put my mind at ease that this pregnancy is progressing normally and healthily.  This appointment was definitely a 'best moment' for a few weeks!
- 21:  My 28th birthday fell during this week and my Mom, Larry, Russ & I (and dogs from both households!) went south to Stockton Lake to camp for the weekend.  My Mom and Larry brought their camper (so it was 'fancy camping') along with their boat so we spent a majority of the day on the water on Saturday and it was wonderful!  It was so nice to get away, unplug from my phone, and just relax for a little while.  I've always loved hanging out on the water (I find it so calming) so this little weekend away was exactly what I needed :)
Movement:  Yes! I finally started to actually know I was feeling a baby moving around during week 19 and the baby has continued in moving and grooving through the weeks!  At first it really kinda freaked me out a bit, but after the initial 'shock' of it all I realize how beautiful and amazing the feeling is.
Cravings:  Nothing out of the ordinary - carbs are a constant but I've always been a lover of them so it's not that unusual for me.  I'm just craving them more often.
Gender:  Boy or girl??? We don't know and won't know until she/he arrives!
Belly Button In or Out:  In.  I have to admit that the thing that has been the weirdest to me so far during this pregnancy is how my belly button is...stretching.  It grosses me out to touch it and just feels very strange (and honestly, gross) to me when I do touch it.  I know this sounds really weird, but I just had to share.
Wedding Ring On or Off:  On.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Still eggs and certain fish.  I'm back to eating salmon more regularly but only in very small serving sizes.
What I Miss:  Nothing too terribly these few weeks.  Sure, an occasional glass of wine sounds good but I'm not really feeling like I'm 'missing' it to the point where I get grumpy or sad about it.
What I am Looking Forward To:  Beginning prenatal yoga classes during week 23!  My Mom purchased a prenatal yoga course pass for my birthday and I cannot wait to get started!
Labor Signs:  None, thank goodness!
Nursery:  We haven't done anything but purchased a few articles of baby clothing, nothing yet!  
Emotions:  These weeks were difficult.  The news about Russ' Dad has created a shift in my thought process that for a while was quite negative.  Thankfully, with the help of Russ, we were able to work through my thoughts together.  I know my thoughts aren't the same as they were prior to week 19, but I was able to find a place that is mentally more positive for both myself and the baby and I continue to work on it daily.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

15-18 weeks

How far along:  15 - 18 weeks
Maternity Clothes:  I finally broke down and purchased a few items and honestly - WHY did I wait so long?!  A lot of the maternity shirts are still too big for me but the pants - oh the pants bring such sweet relief to my waistline!   
Stretch Marks:  I still haven't found any creeping up.  I'm lathering up with cocoa butter and Bio-Oil depending on the day and my mood.  I'm fairly certain I will not escape this pregnancy without them, but I'm lathering up my skin regardless.
Sleep:  Sweet, sweet sleep!  I've been sleeping like a dream and bedtime has become my favorite time of the day.  I've been reading for 15-30 minutes in bed which really helps calm me down and I fall asleep very quickly.  I've been having to get up to go to the bathroom once (sometimes twice) at night but I'm so thankful that I'm able to fall right back to sleep afterwards.  Before I was pregnant, if I had to get up in the middle of the night it would always take me another 15-25 minutes to fall back asleep.  Not now!  I know this may change as I get further along in the pregnancy and as I become more uncomfortable, so I'm soaking it up as much as I can for now.
Symptoms:  Thankfully nausea is no longer an issue and I'm feeling like semi-normal human being again!  The issues I was having with feeling bloated are slowly giving way to actually beginning to grow a belly, so that makes me feel a bit better and not just like a busted can of biscuits (although I still feel that way).  I'm also transitioning to having a little more energy (yay!).  Definitely not a BURST of energy like I was hoping (or have heard from some pregnant moms) but it's something and I don't feel like I have to keep my eyes open with toothpicks all the time.  Although a 2pm nap continues to sound good every single day!
Best Moment of the Week:  
 - 15:  I had a non-ultrasound check up with my doctor this week and while I was wishing I could have had another ultrasound to actually see the baby, hearing the healthy heart rate on the doppler fetal monitor was pretty wonderful, too.  Baby's heart rate was 146 which is what it also was during our 12 week ultrasound.  
 - 16:  This week baby took his/her first plane ride!  We flew out to Breckenridge, Colorado for a wedding and flew out a few days early to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.  We biked from along Lake Dillon from Frisco to Dillon and back and it was such a fun way to spend the morning!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect, too!  It was the perfect getaway but I have to admit that being pregnant + high altitude = a huffing and puffing pregnant Corinne anytime we walked anywhere.  
 - 17:  This week was pretty uneventful but it was honestly wonderful not having anything on our calendars.  We were able to take a weekend to relax, unwind and catch up at home since our last travel weekend and wedding was over the 4th of July holiday.
 - 18:  We had another semi-quiet week once again which allowed for us to spend a lot of time outside working in the garden, eating dinner outside and taking Miley on evening walks.
Movement:  None yet!  I know I could begin to feel movement at anytime now (in 18 weeks) but I still haven't 'felt' something that I think is a baby moving and groovin' yet.
Cravings:  I'm still continuing on with the buffalo chicken cravings.  With it being summer I'm also randomly craving hot dogs (and corn dogs with the county/state fairs arriving), but I've resisted the urge to have any.  I will randomly crave hamburgers but nothing has been overtaking the buffalo one.
Gender:  We aren't finding out and are waiting to make it a surprise!  
Belly Button In or Out:  In.
Wedding Ring On or Off:  On.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  I've been able to handle fish a lot better these weeks than in the weeks prior which means salmon is back on a somewhat regular menu schedule (yay for healthy food!).  Eggs are still a big struggle for me.  I'm fine eating them if they are hard-boiled, but any other style just doesn't sit well.
What I Miss:  Hot dogs and a good cold-cut deli sandwich. 
What I am Looking Forward To:  Continuing to grow this baby bump and getting into the stage where I actually look pregnant to someone that doesn't know me and feeling the baby move!  I know some women are able to feel their baby's during this time but I don't think I have felt anything move.  
Labor Signs:  None.
Nursery:  We haven't done anything to the nursery.  You'll notice when something happens because the first thing to change will be the wall color, which you will notice in the weekly 'bump' pictures.
Emotions:  Overall my emotions haven't been too wild or out of the ordinary.  I'm a pretty emotional person minus pregnancy hormones to begin with, so I'm sure that there have been a few moments where my emotions have been amplified but overall things have been ok...or at least 'normal'.  I did cry like a huge baby at the wedding in Colorado, though...Not even 3 minutes into the ceremony and I had lost it.  Thankfully the ceremony took place outside and I had sunglasses on to hide my tears, but Russ saw me and couldn't help but give me a hard time about it.  

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

10-14 weeks

The first 'bump' update!  As previously mentioned, I'm ridiculously behind on these so I decided to group several weekly update posts within 1 post.  In the beginning there weren't many changes happening within the text portion (see below) so I decided to just group them together for now.  

How far along: 10 - 14 weeks
Maternity Clothes: Throughout the beginning weeks I resisted the urge to purchase any maternity clothes, although my pants were probably wishing I wouldn't have waited so long because they were tired of being stretched out.  I definitely got tired of feeling like I was having to stretch them out every time I had to put them on.  Towards the end of my 14 weeks I did finally look in Target at a few things, but I still left empty-handed.   I would wear what I needed to for work then the moment I got home, I immediately changed into yoga pants or PJ bottoms.  
Stretch Marks:  none yet.
Sleep:  I could not get enough sleep during this time!  You'll probably notice that in the photos below I look a little rough (both from feeling sick and tired).  I felt that I was tired probably 80% of the time that I was awake.  9PM would roll around and all I think about is how quickly I could brush my teeth and get into bed.  I have never been a napper but it's all I wanted when 2pm would roll around!  There were several nights when I fell asleep on the couch immediately following dinner and that's when it really hit Russ that things were changing - I was never one to fall asleep on the couch before - especially before 8pm!  
Symptoms: extreme tiredness and nausea - pretty much all day, every day.  As the weeks progressed bloating really became an issue that I hated battling.
Best Moment(s) of the Week:  
 - 10:  we started taking our official 'baby bump' photos this week and I while I felt ridiculous, I'm happy we started them.
 - 11:  over the weekend we went to play around with strollers and car seats.  It was quite comical trying to open/release/collapse the items when we had no idea what we were doing.  Thankfully, it provided the perfect use of time (we had a few hours between a wedding ceremony and reception) and we left the store giggling and feeling like a couple of rock stars after we figured out a few of the strollers on our own :)  
 - 12:  this week we had our 12-week ultrasound and doctor's appointment.  My Mom joined Russ & I at the appointment and it was such a treat having her there with us!  It was absolutely amazing seeing and hearing the heartbeat and with this ultrasound (unlike our 6 week one), it actually looked like a little baby-to-be!  Hearing from our doctor that the baby looked and the heartbeat sounded strong & healthy was also a HUGE relief!  
 - 13:  Russ & I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary and it was pretty neat to think ahead and realize how our next anniversary will look (and probably feel!) a lot different.  We went out to eat one night and celebrated with a home-cooked meal another and it was wonderful.  My Mom & I also went to a Baby Expo over the weekend.  It was quite overwhelming, but still a lot of fun!  We walked away with a ton of informational items and even a few awesome, free goodies!  
 - 14:   it was a very busy weekend for us: Friday night we attended the Psychiatry Department's Graduation and early Saturday morning we took off for Illinois where we spent the rest of the weekend with a family wedding on Saturday and an Anniversary Celebration on Sunday.  It was fun finally getting to 'share' the news in person with extended family and not having to hide it from them!
Movement: none.
Cravings: Doritos and buffalo chicken!  I seriously cannot get enough Nacho Cheese Doritos it's ridiculous.  And slightly embarrassing.  I haven't eaten (not to mention purchased!) chips in our house in years (minus tortilla chips for nachos) so this is quite laughable to Russ & I.  We typically have buffalo chicken salads once every other week or so but during this time I wanted them all the time!  And when I would make the buffalo chicken I would always make extras so I could eat them for lunch, snack, dinner the next get it.  Poor Russ had to deal with me asking for buffalo chicken salads for dinner almost daily.  Russ joked that if I don't stop eating artificially orange foods our baby will come out orange!    Gender: From the beginning we played around with the idea of not finding out the gender but we weren't sure if we would be able to go all that time without knowing.  We knew we would have time before having to decide but by the end 14 weeks, we were sure that we would wait for it to be surprise!  
Belly Button In or Out: In.
Wedding Ring on or Off: On.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  Fish, dairy and sweets.  SWEETS, people!!! 
What I Miss:  cookies, ice cream, CHOCOLATE!!!  Being able to eat anything sweet and not feel like death afterwards.  Being able to stay up past 10:30PM (Seriously!).
What I am Looking Forward to: having more energy!
Labor Signs: None.
Nursery:  We didn't do any work on the nursery during these weeks.  We know what color we plan on painting the nursery since we used the color in our downstairs living room and really love it.  
Emotions:  Most days I'm fine minus feeling like a zombie.   The emotions start to 'take over'  when I'm overly tired or running low on fuel.  Hangry is real.  Towards the 14 week mark I had a mini breakdown because I was becoming frustrated with how my clothes were fitting.  I'll give you one guess who got to hear and experience that wonderful 10 minutes.  Oh yes, Russ is a lucky guy ;)  

The photos above were taken at different times of the day so...sorry about the ever-changing yellow wall for a backdrop.  These photos are actually taken in the nursery, but we haven't painted the walls yet so you'll be seeing yellow for a while ;) 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

catching up with 1 photo

I saw Brooke post a photo of Elf on Facebook this morning that said we only have 20 more Fridays before Christmas arrives, which was the final motivational push I needed to get this blog updated with our lives.

So to update you - this is what is currently going on with us...

Just as a fair warning - I'm WAY behind on posting updates.  I'm 22 weeks and started making notes at week 12, so there will be a ridiculous amount of pregnancy weekly updates posted here within the next several weeks.  I want to post these mainly for my own memory-keeping sake, so I won't be hurt if you simply skip over all of them :) 

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

saying 'hello' with real mail :)

My sister Nicole sent me a text message sometime last week telling me she was wondering if her phone wasn't working or if I had indeed taken so much time off from my blog.  I told her not to fear, her phone is in good working order, I had just taken a break.  It's been hard to come to this space.  My mind seems to be in a million different places lately.  Work is crazy & busy (not that I'm complaining because I have a job that I enjoy).  At home we're prepping for Spring and anxiously awaiting it's arrival.  A clean slate, if you will.  I've also been craving a lot of in-person family and friend time.  Internet and technology is great, but I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.  Working to feel 'caught up' with things on my computer (social media, emails, blogs) is slowly starting to overwhelm me.

I decided to pull back and work on simplifying my life.  Cutting down on the amount of blogs I try to stay up-to-date with.  Unfollowing unnecessary streams on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  At first I felt bad but you know what? It was the right decision.  It felt so good clearing out that space.  It allowed for me to focus on things I felt better deserve my attention.

Then, I grabbed a Dove Chocolate (dark chocolate - so good) from our Valentine's Day stash and just as I was about to throw away the wrapper I read the inside:

Umm...could it not have been more obvious?  Less technology...more hands-on, personal (to me) effort. 

BAM.  Just like that it all made sense.

I have several family members and wonderful, dear friends that live out of state.  I do my best to communicate with them on a somewhat regular basis, but as we all know, life gets in the way sometimes.  Doing little things to reach out and let someone know you are thinking about them is so important in keeping a relationship healthy.  So, that's exactly what I intend to do!  

I headed to Tiny Prints and found the perfect (for me!) personalized stationary.  This simple, classic, pink & initialed set tugged at my heartstrings.  I knew it would be perfect for what I wanted to do - send a quick yet thoughtful note to family and friends.

print on bottom says 'do small things with great love'  

Upon receiving the stationary in the mail I was thrilled!  The colors are prefect, the card stock is sturdy and will prevent bleed-through with the gel pens I like to use and the back of the stationary gives the otherwise white-paper a fun pop of color without being overwhelming. 

I hope these notes bring a little extra sparkle of joy into the recipients lives.  I love the idea of a hand-written note and I hope they will, too!  Plus, who doesn't love getting REAL mail that isn't junk or a bill?!

What are some ways you stay in contact with friends and family far away?

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Cards - the bloopers

As I mentioned earlier, we DIYed the photos used on our Christmas Cards for 2013 on Thanksgiving day.  We (of course) waited until later than we had originally planned so we scrambled to get something together before Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house.  (Of course we ended up with one of the coldest days up to that point)  We grabbed some holiday mugs and some fake snow (purchased from JoAnn's), went down to one of the ponds on my grandparent's property, wrangled my sweet cousin Annaliese to assist, and went to work!  We were overall really happy with the photos we ended up using but of course there were bloopers along the way.  And in keeping with tradition (since I showed them last year) here they are!

Testing out the wind conditions for the snow "tossing"

The exchange student staying with Annaliese and her family was in charge of the snow - her first try was slightly...aggressive - ha! 

#mileyphotobomb  She made it her goal to try and eat as many flakes as possible

Miley was so over the shoot by this point

our beautiful helpers for the shoot - couldn't have done it without 'em!  (Minari on the left and Annaliese in the center)

My - yayweredonecomeonletsgoimfreeeezingandhungry! face 

And the photos we ended up using on our card:

See 2012 Christmas Card and bloopers

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Monday, January 6, 2014

snowman + dog

= an arm-less snowman.

It's cold outside.  (Did you know that?  Are you tired of seeing it all over every social media outlet there is?)

We got a little bit of snow late last week (before the storm that brought more snow and freezing temperatures Saturday night into Sunday) and it turned into the perfect snowman making snow so I decided to take advantage.  Russ was busy sleeping - he worked a 36 hour shift with only 2 hours of "sleep" - so Miley was my partner.  Note to self: dogs do not make the ideal snowman-building partner.

In her defense I did use one of her toys as its hat.  And I guess the sticks, too, since they technically came from her yard.  So we have a snowman in our yard - but he's hat-less and arm-less.  Oh, and as of this morning nose-less, too.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Year in Review

New Year's Eve Russ & I were half-hardheartedly joking that 2013 wasn't as exciting as 2012.  It would have been hard to top 2012 with as many milestones we reached that year.  So while 2013 wasn't as exciting as 2012, we still had a wonderful year.  We started making memories in our new home and get more settled into our jobs.  We were able to spend a lot of time with family and finally got used to not having to say goodbye - we can easily see them again with just a short drive (this took forever for me to get used to)!  We spent more evenings and weekends working on our house than I would like to was a lot, and while I'm proud of all the work that was done I have to be honest, I really hope there are less full-working weekends in 2013.  
+ spent a lot of time playing in the snow

+ we played in more snow - Missouri got an unusual amount of snowfall and we took full advantage!
+ experienced our first dinner train with Mom & Larry

+ Larry, Josh and a few helpers repaved our driveway
+ Visited Nicole & PJ in Texas (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

+ Russ & I threw a surprise retirement party for my Dad - we got him good! 
+ The March of Dimes team I was a member of held a fundraiser and bake sale
+ We continued to take advantage of nice days outside and worked on projects outside 

+ We participated in the Columbia, MO March of Dimes Walk with our team
+ Went to our first professional soccer game with our friends Chelsea & Andy in St. Louis
+ Took an amazing vacation to California with my Mom and Larry, Nicole, and Josh and his family. It was amazing and I cannot wait to go back to explore even more!  (There are still a few more pictures coming that I wanted to share! - I KNOW, I'm late) See posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

+ Russ & I celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary

+ Pickled my first batch of pickles (yum!) and made homemade bagels for the first time
+ Spent free weekends water skiing
+ More house projects took up our weekends including adding blocks off our porch, building up a concrete retaining wall, adding a few small retaining walls, and fixing water draining issues (which were 6 feet underground, go figure)

+ I turned 27 
+ We went to our second professional soccer game with our friends Andy & Chelsea
+ I took my cousin Annaliese with me to see Taylor Swift in concert and I developed major girl crush

+ Russ & I ran our first race - a 10K at the Roots n Blues n BBQ Fesitval
+ We returned from a short trip to Italy (Nicole & PJ got to go, too!) - Posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

+ Went to a MU Football game
+ Our family welcomed another little boy, Cruze, into the mix

+ Took our DIY Christmas Card photos (coming soon!)
+ I attended Hunter's 2nd Bday - the boy is growing up so fast!
+ Finished up work on the porch - finally!
+ We went the Glasgow Christmas Parade 

+ We traveled to Cleveland to visit Brooke, Freeland and their kids
+ We took the month off from projects and focused on spending time with family and getting into the Christmas spirit

Some unique-to-us 2013 stats:
+ Russ was awarded the Best Junior Resident Award which was decided by votes from his superiors (and included both first and second year residents!) - a HUGE honor!  We were so proud of him and I'm so proud of how hard he's worked and that is was recognized.  I'm amazed and thankful with how happy and motivated he is at his profession - and to hear that his co-workers and superiors also see how great at his job he is makes me so proud. (Sorry, I just had to brag. #proudwife)
+ We ran our first race, a 10K - we are now considering signing up for more races in the future!
+ One 30 mile bike-ride (winery pit-stop included)

2012 Year Recap
2011 Year Recap
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2009 Year Recap

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