Monday, March 18, 2013

The weekend of concrete and croissants

I knew I should have stayed in bed this morning.  A little more tired than usual (due to the busy - but highly productive! weekend) I stumbled around this morning trying to get myself together for work.  We leave the house, drive and get to work and I'm unpacking my bag and...

That would be my smoothie that decided to let itself out of the bottle and spill into my bag.  Thankfully the bag is canvas so I can stick it in the wash, but still.  If this isn't proof that I should have stayed in bed this morning I don't know what is.

So why am I so tired?  Well, this weekend was one of the busiest we've had in a while...

Friday we got home to see that my step-dad Larry and his brother Mike were still working on prepping our driveway for concrete.  We've been discussing and talking about replacing roughly 3/4ths of our driveway for several months now and finally decided a few weeks ago that it would happen this past weekend.  Larry and Mike weren't anticipating on being there when we got home but due to the ground being so wet and so much water having collected underneath the drive way (what we feared was happening) they were backed up.  Russ & I changed and headed down to help out.  Thankfully we had beautiful weather to work in which unfortunately didn't stick around for the rest of the weekend.  70s on Friday dropped down to the low 40s on Saturday and Sunday.  That's Missouri weather for ya! 

We finally finished up prepping the driveway around 9PM but Larry still had to drive back to Glasgow (45 minutes away) and load up materials for Saturday morning.  Knowing that he would have to do it alone and how much more difficult the day had already gone, Russ and I decided to quickly pack an over-night bag and drive to Glasgow as well to help out.  We finished up the night around 11:30 or so and we ended up being happy we went.  If we hadn't gone to help Larry probably wouldn't have been done until well past midnight.

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed back to Columbia.  The concrete showed up right at 8AM  and once that started flowin'...I found another task :)  I would have been absolutely useless and in the way of everyone had I even attempted to help so I went and worked on picking up the tree that had been split in two after our recent snow storm.  Larry had cut down the rest of it so my job was to clean up the yard.  I also whipped up a quick batch of chocolate muffins - you gotta keep your helpers happy!

Isn't it pretttty?  The only bummer is that we can't use our garage for the week but that's a small sacrifice!

In the evening we headed over to our friends house for a St. Patrick's Day get together - it was fun to unwind a bit and relax, but Russ and I were so tired that we left and were home and asleep by 11.  

Sunday was the day of catch-up, clean-up and rest-up (I wish!).  Russ headed to the hospital for his call shift and I got busy with my list of chores for the day: Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning up the house and making croissants! I don't know why I chose yesterday to try to make croissants for the first time, I just did! Overall it was a highly productive day!  I ran my errands in the morning, started a fire once I got home, turned on some J.T. and started on the croissants and during the wait periods I would do chores (and dance like a fool)!  I also decided I wasn't baking enough and made a batch of fudge brownies with peanut butter swirls...omg so good.  I finally finished up with everything around 7.  Which I then ate some dinner (the only "real" meal I had all day), showered and went to bed.  

Russ jokes that I'm terrible at hiding my crush on Mr. Timberlake.  I have no shame.  The man is funny (did you watch him on SNL and Jimmy Fallon!?!), handsome and can sing and dance.  I've been streaming his album on iTunes all week and cannot wait to get the vinyl record to play at home. So so so so gooooood.

My croissants!  I must admit I'm quite happy how they turned out with this being the first time I've ever tried making them.  The only complaint I have is that they aren't fluffy enough.  Sure, they are fluffy and flaky, but I was hoping for more.  Now that I'm not so scared of them I'll definitely try them again with a few modifications.  In the meantime I need someone to come over and take them out of my house - and while you're at it, take the brownies, too.  Although you'll probably have to fight Russ for them first!

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Megan said...

Oooh, I love making even the smallest changes to my house, so this must have been so exciting! I'm sure it's going to look great, especially if you round off the concrete with lovely hedges!

Ashley Barnhill said...

I recognize that Land's End bag - love those! I think I have 3 of them, ha. And what a weekend task!!! I wouldn't even know where to begin on what to do, ha.