Friday, December 6, 2013

Italy - Part 8: foosball & Ponte dell'Olio

I promise I'm almost done recapping our Italy vacation (only 4 months late!) and what's even worse, I never finished recapping the California trip from earlier this year! It's a shame, really.  This blog has really taken a back seat in my priority list but I've been lacking in motivation to really get anything down.  I'm at a computer all day, 5 days a week - the last thing I want to do once I get home is stare at one some more.  BUT! I'm determined to finish recapping our vacations from this year before 2014 begins...which, hello! is only 3.5 weeks away!

One of the things we try to do with every visit is get as many people in the family together as possible for a dinner.  It's gotten more difficult as the years have passed, but we still try and those who do show up have a wonderful time.  This year, to make it easy on my aunts and uncles (who would be doing all the work) we decided to all meet at our favorite Pizzeria, La Villa.  Everyone had their fill of delicious pizza, wine, beer, dessert and we even had after-dinner entertainment...foosball!  My family (mostly my male cousins) get extremely into the game - serious wages and bets have been made and lost over this table game.  There never fails that someone is shouting and slamming the table while the other team is celebrating with high-fives.

In Part 4, I talked about our town, Bettola.  Another town that we frequent is Ponte dell'Olio.  It's about the same distance from our house as Bettola, but bigger.  We often go there when we need things that Bettola's small stores don't carry or if they aren't open - for those afternoon siestas - ha! ;)   Ponte has a main street where most of the business are located, and it happens to be my favorite part of the town, too.  The old, brick road makes for a bumpy ride, but I think it's add so much charm!  Plus all those balconies and street-facing windows!   

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Kasey Lynne said...

Italy is just so dang beautiful. PLEASE take me next time...Sam doesn't even have to come. We can make it a girl's trip!