Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Cleveland trip that almost wasn't

A week ago today we were on our way to Cleveland to visit Brooke, Freeland, and their three (adorable!) kids!  The massive storm that was moving through the country almost cancelled our plans, but in the end we persevered.  We spent the night at Russ' parents house on Thursday evening so we could get an early start on Friday (and shave off 2 hours of travel time).  By the time we went to bed on Thursday, we were pretty sure that we wouldn't be able to make the drive.  There were so many accidents being reported around St. Louis and surrounding areas, and it just wasn't looking like it was going to be a smart decision.  Pouting, we went to bed but still set our alarms to wake up somewhat early on Friday to re-evaluate the roads and conditions.    
Friday morning arrived and saw that the roads around the city had been cleared and were in ok condition.  We checked more weather maps then was necessary and ultimately made the decision to just go for it.  We knew that with our luck, if we didn't go, the roads would be fine and we would regret not trying.  So we did and agreed if things started to look bad, we would just turn around and come home.
I'm so glad we pushed through!  Illinois was perfect, Indiana was ok, but Ohio sure did welcome us with some intense snow and traffic. While we did hit a rough patch around Columbus, it was all worth it once we arrived and pulled in their driveway; we realized just how much we needed this visit and how excited we were for the weekend!

It was so nice seeing Brooke and Freeland and catching up with them.  It had been over a year since we saw Freeland (at our wedding) and even longer since we've seen Brooke!  It was definitely a visit that was long overdue.  They were so gracious to open their home to us and host us - they've had so many visitors within the past few months and will continue to have people into their home, so allowing us to visit over one of their empty weekends was so sweet of them!

It's hard to put into words how grateful we are for their friendship, love and support.  You know those people who you feel are absolutely gems, who inspire you, love you, and challenge you in the best way?  They are those people for us.  They are an amazing role models to Russ & I - we admire how healthy, fun, full of love, faith, and inspiring their marriage and family is. It's completely refreshing and visiting with them always helps Russ & I in bringing us back to focusing on what is important.  I wish they didn't live so far, so these visits could come around more often!

I hardly picked up my camera while we were there - we were so focused on just soaking up the time with them and enjoying the moment.  There were so many moments that Russ & I feel so thankful and blessed to have been a part of.

We did try to get a photo with River, Wylder and Chapel and as you can see didn't go all that well.  Chapel isn't a fan of being with someone other than her Momma when she's in the once she figured out that Brooke was the one taking the pictures and not actually holding her...well...

I promise that she liked us!  We did play together - it just wasn't captured on camera ;)

Thank you, Brooke & Freeland, for letting us visit, love on your kids, feeding us delicious food (already planning on making the pizza!) and being friends we are so thankful and blessed to have in our lives!

I'm ready to come back to Cleveland already...have a free weekend? ;)

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Kasey Lynne said...

What a fun weekend! Glad that you guys made it safely and were able to go!

Brooke & Freeland said...

awwwwwwww I love these and I already miss you guys so much!!!!! Thank you again for coming to visit and driving all the way here!! It was so sweet and I know a sacrifice of your time so thank you SOOOOOOO much!!!! Our kids are still talking about it! ;)