Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Cards - the bloopers

As I mentioned earlier, we DIYed the photos used on our Christmas Cards for 2013 on Thanksgiving day.  We (of course) waited until later than we had originally planned so we scrambled to get something together before Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house.  (Of course we ended up with one of the coldest days up to that point)  We grabbed some holiday mugs and some fake snow (purchased from JoAnn's), went down to one of the ponds on my grandparent's property, wrangled my sweet cousin Annaliese to assist, and went to work!  We were overall really happy with the photos we ended up using but of course there were bloopers along the way.  And in keeping with tradition (since I showed them last year) here they are!

Testing out the wind conditions for the snow "tossing"

The exchange student staying with Annaliese and her family was in charge of the snow - her first try was slightly...aggressive - ha! 

#mileyphotobomb  She made it her goal to try and eat as many flakes as possible

Miley was so over the shoot by this point

our beautiful helpers for the shoot - couldn't have done it without 'em!  (Minari on the left and Annaliese in the center)

My - yayweredonecomeonletsgoimfreeeezingandhungry! face 

And the photos we ended up using on our card:

See 2012 Christmas Card and bloopers

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DJ said...

the pictures you ended up choosing look really professional!! I couldn't believe it when you said you DIYed them... nice job :)

Kasey Lynne said...

Your Christmas card came out GORGEOUS! I love your hair and your outfits too! Where did you get that necklace and sweater from?? The statement necklace was a beautiful touch ;)

Becky M said...

How cute are all of these!! Your Christmas card was darling!

Jennie said...

These pictures are so cute! I love your necklace!
XO, Jennie

Chelsea Swentik said...

You look gorgeous even in the bloopers! Loved your Christmas card- definitely inspired me to try DIY-ing it next year :)

Ashley R said...

You guys are adorable (as is your blog!) I love the outtakes. Your dog is so sweet!!!

Samantha @ Elah Tree said...

This bloopers are amazing! So fun!