Monday, January 6, 2014

snowman + dog

= an arm-less snowman.

It's cold outside.  (Did you know that?  Are you tired of seeing it all over every social media outlet there is?)

We got a little bit of snow late last week (before the storm that brought more snow and freezing temperatures Saturday night into Sunday) and it turned into the perfect snowman making snow so I decided to take advantage.  Russ was busy sleeping - he worked a 36 hour shift with only 2 hours of "sleep" - so Miley was my partner.  Note to self: dogs do not make the ideal snowman-building partner.

In her defense I did use one of her toys as its hat.  And I guess the sticks, too, since they technically came from her yard.  So we have a snowman in our yard - but he's hat-less and arm-less.  Oh, and as of this morning nose-less, too.

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1 comment:

Kasey Lynne said...

oh my gosh...her little snow shoes. those kill me!!